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Hi, I roleplay as Gackt a lot, and am looking for someone to roleplay with. I like yaoi roleplay. I'm looking specifically for a jrock or visual kei roleplay. I like to plot before I roleplay, and I always roleplay in the 3rd POV. I also do a lot of Moon Child roleplay, which is the movie starring Gackt and Hyde. If you'd like to roleplay with me, send me a message please. :)
6th-Apr-2016 10:50 pm - Rp partner, Reituha
Hi! I was wondering if there's someone out there who'd like to rp Reita and Uruha from The Gazette with me ^^ (It's the only couple so far that motivates me)

-It doesn't have to be so long, with one para or less in each answer is enough.

-English is not my first language, so I'm not so good writing long stuff or very descriptive.

-It can be AU as long as it isn't supernatural, and I'm ok with sex scenes while they don't turn into rape, torture, etc. I'm more of a romantic person xD

-I'd prefer doing it by E-mail or Facebook, but it can be done through Skype too or other place you suggest.

I guess that's all. Send me a message by livejournal so we can discuss the details. Hope someone is interested! :D

Thanks for reading! ^^
26th-Mar-2016 02:07 pm - Looking for a Jrock RP partner~
So... as it says in the title, I'm looking for a Jrock roleplay partner^^; I could write a long novel about what I'm looking for (so very easily xD;;), but I've tried to narrow it down in a few single keywords/lines, and then you're more welcome to contact me if you want to know more:

- Non-AU/cannon. Realism is key.
- NC17+. Always including explicit sex/smut.
- Slash, M/M.
- Kinks, of course. BDSM, breathplay. But no scat, bestiality, rape, abuse etc.
- Long-term play or standalone (sex) scenes, both works fine by me.
- PWP, love, romance, humor. Slice of life. Band-verse. Band-cest. Crack pairings (my fav).
- Mature writing and plots. Serious and realistic, but fun, fluffy and heady.
- Descriptive language, sensual, literate. Explicit, but tasteful.
- I can play and play opposite almost anyone/any character. I only have a few exceptions (for aesthetic reasons mostly), which we can discuss when planning a play/plot^^
- Yeah... ask me?^^;

Write me here on LJ or send me an email at theblackmorals @ gmail.com^^
Let's give those needy Jrock boys what they want~ ^__~

16th-Dec-2015 04:36 pm - Looking for RPers
Preferably Nightmare Members - Yomi and Ni~ya

I'm mostly based on twitter now and scene through AIM or LINE, so whatever works for you.
Any of the other members, or anyone who wants to talk is welcome, really!

Twitter → traumatisme
Tumblr → suck-the-ripper
AIM → sucktheripper

25th-Nov-2015 02:50 am - Looking for a Kyo or Die
Die ► Shades [ remix ]
It's been a long time since I've looked for an rp partner. But I'll try to be as specific as possible. I've had one RP partner for the past couple of years and while I still RP with them, I'm looking to add another partner to the list. I'm apparently insatiable.

Just kididng.

Anyway, specifics.

The only people I'm looking for are those interested in Die/Kyo from Dir en grey. I wouldn't mind switching it up but I usually play Die. I haven't played Kyo in maybe over 7 years. I live in US, EST.
We can RP my email or   S k y p e   (preferred), At the current moment, my available times are 6pm est to 4am est though might change but quite possibly not for a month or two.

Willing to do/Looking for:

  • Kyo/Die or someone who might like to play either or

  • AU

  • Sex scenes

  • 20 years old +

  • Willing to play OOC or whatever roles call for

  • Creative who doesn't mind starting new RPs if we happen to slow down on another.

  • Paragraph style, 3rd person

Not willing to do:

  • Scat

  • Watersports

  • Band RP

  • Vampire AU (unless you can REALLY sell me on an idea)

Other notes: If there is something you want to know, whether I'm willing to try or not, just ask. It's late, I haven't slept in 2 days and I am forgetfull at the moment. Becuase it's been so long since I've RPed with someone new, my style usually reflects my partner.
The less you try, the less I try. I'm always looking to improve my skill.

Also I figure I'd mention here, I might try it once in a while, but I just prefer Die to top.
It's just my thing. I just can't see Kyo as a top. I dunno. I just can't. Maybe once in a while. Maybe... We'll see.

Lastly, > > > some of my work < < < , but again, if you write better than I do, I always try to keep up with my partner.

Send me an inbox/PM or something, I'll get back to you.
1st-Nov-2015 01:18 pm - craving a visual kei/j-rock RP
y specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:

I am very flexible about what bands we roleplay as. I am open to either:

A storyline that focuses on two band members from Malice Mizer. I can write for anybody. As for example pairings, Gackt/Mana, Mana/Közi, and all the other myriad of combinations! If there is a particular pairing you are into but I haven’t mentioned it absolutely suggest it. Two specifics ideas I’ve had though:

A storyline about Közi/Mana. We could explore their early initial friendship, them founding the band together, and we could even explore their feelings during the later 90s once Malice Mizer starts getting big. We could write about band practice, band drama, the brutal schedule they faced while touring and making television appearances… we could even write about their dynamic closer to or within the present, and how no longer being in the same band has changed their relationship.

Another epic storyline could be Gackt/Mana, writing out their Malice Mizer days, writing through Gackt leaving the band, then having them reunite years and years later while Gackt is solo and Mana is doing Moi dix Mois. Maybe the reunion is even happenstance. Potentially we could even start with the reunion: them working through old resentments together about Gackt leaving the band, them realizing that despite their vast differences they have feelings for each other…feelings Gackt could never publicly admit to considering his solo career and how hard he tries to appeal to his female fans.

I’m also open to cross-band roleplays, so roleplays where we are writing about two men from different j-rock/visual kei bands. Please don’t think my emphasis on Malice Mizer means I can only write about them! I’m up for writing about any 90s/2000s visual kei/j-rock bands. I don’t need to be familiar with a band for you to write about them. I’m always open to discovering new bands and music, so I’m totally up for us throwing two artists together that we aren’t too familiar with at first. The results could be so interesting especially if they are different. In these roleplays as usual I would love to explore themes of discovering sexuality, having to hide sexuality, negotiating public and private identity, etc. However, I’m open to a wide range of story lines. We could be focusing on musicians simply touring and doing concerts, or we could try for some AU stuff. I’m good either way. We just have to discuss it.

Do you smut?: Yes!

Is there anything else you would like to add?:

I’ll just add a quick summary that sums up my rp preferences.

I will roleplay over:
-if there is another medium you prefer to roleplay over, just let me know what it is and we can work it out!

I roleplay in
-paragraph form (meaning not script form)

What I am looking for in a partner:
-over 18
-willing to commit to a long-term roleplay
-is okay with writing about sexual situations (as they arise in our roleplay as the characters naturally become closer) thus my 18+ requirement
-regarding reply length: I’ve had many ‘novel-form’ roleplays where the replies are several paragraphs long. I am totally into that. However, I am ALSO into roleplays where the replies are more like short paragraphs or even just several sentences. However, either way I am looking for a partner who can write coherently and thoughtfully. I want somebody who enjoys writing and enjoys writing complex personalities and writing character growth over time over the course of the roleplay. Symbolism and such is cool too.

What I don’t want:
-uninspired writing
-storylines that don’t allow for character development, storylines that don’t have sexuality as a strong theme
-abusive relationship dynamics
-over emphasis on uke/seme top/bottom— I want these men to be fully-fleshed humans not just shallow archetypes!
25th-Jul-2015 02:07 am - I've almost lost all hope.
dong hae // D:
Hey all~ Man, let me tell you about my desperate search for j-rock RPers. Every google search I've done has lead me to dead websites or journals from years ago, but this one seems to have a bit of life left in it yet.

So! A little about me: Been in the RP scene for about 10 years now, off and on in the j-rock verse. I grew nostalgic a little while back and have been reviving old muses, but now the only problem is finding people to actually write with. I can do a variety of characters, but right now my main focus is on finding a decent match for one of my lady muses.

Name: Yui Itsuki
Band: Yousei Teikoku
Personality Type: Kinda entitled and bossy. She can come across as mean or rude, but she's easy to warm up to after a while.
What She Wants: A bad boy. She's pushy, so she needs someone who can put her in her place from time to time, yet give her wants she wants almost constantly.
Writing Style: Anywhere from action to novella. I can do it all, I just expect a matched effort on the other writer's part. I prefer third person, past tense.
Best Place to Chat: AIM: yui.itsuki@aol.com. I also have a profile on asianroleplay.com (set up like the original myspace) and I'd actually like to get one set up for whoever is interested as well if they have the time.

Any questions, just shoot me a message on AIM, or even through LJ. You'll reach me on AIM faster, though.
20th-May-2015 10:30 pm - Hello Re: Edited List
KuinaChan, Royz
Konnbanwa everyone....I'm looking to start up some JRock rps after taking a huge hiatus away from JRock due to some health issues as well as just lost interest. And yes I'm caught up on the hiatuses that are going on right now for majority of the bands I've listed. No matter what I still love them.

My Main Muses:

Karyu (ex D'espairsRay, now in Angelo)
Hizumi (Ex D'espairsRay)
Leda (Ex Deluhi/Undivided and Now is in Far East Dizain)
Tama (Ex -OZ-)
Satsuki (Ex Rentrer en Soi/Solo)
Hiroto, Nao, Saga and Shou (Alice Nine)
Uruha, Reita and Ruki (The GazettE)
Shinya, Toshiya, Die and Kyo (Dir en Grey)
Ayame (Matenrou Opera)
Teru (Ex Versailles, Jupiter)
Nao (Ex Kagrra)
IV (ViViD)
Manabu (ScReW)
Jui (Ex Vidoll/Gotcharocka)
Rame (Ex Vidoll, Black Gene for the Next Scene)
Hitsugi, Yomi and Sakito (Naitomea/Nightmare)
San (Ex Nega, Black Gene for the Next Scene)
Asagi and Tsunehito (D)
Koichi, Meto and Genki(Now called Tsuzuku) (VanessA/Mejibray)
Riku (ex Phantasmagoria, ex chariots, and any other project I can think of)
Andy, Hikaru and Kaede (The Gallo)
Ryo (Girugamesh)
Satoshi (Lycaon)
Wataru Miyawaki (12012)
Koudai (Royz)
Masato (SuG)
Misery (Ex Metis Gretel/Megaromania)
Yutori and Minpha (Pentagon)
Natsu and Daichi (Nocturnal Bloodlust)
Seiya and Yukkie (Gigamous)

I mainly will RP on Facebook or Skype so just send me a private Message on here if you want either of those. If there's a muse that i haven't mentioned but someone would allow me to attempt I will do what I can to provide other muses. I also prefer to rp Another Universe, even some Genderbending type RPs, but mainly AU styled rps that involve Fantasy Like creatures and the like. I also...will not I repeat do Hetrosexual rps unfortunately...the point of JRock RP really is to rp Yaoi or Yuri (if your into Female JRockers), which is of course just an opinion of mine. So sorry to you guys out there.

Also if there is a Muse you wish for me to Play depending on the band please feel free to ask me I may or may not know this band <3
6th-Apr-2014 05:09 pm - Looking for more..
1964 YuiKaiKan

Tucked away in the suburbs of Yokohama is a street that leads to a little boarding house. Yuikaikan is modest and accommodating, and especially familiar to the sailors that come and go by the harbour down the hill. The air smells of herbs in the morning and sandy beaches at night. Life in this little boarding house is robust and warm, with people from all walks of life coming in to stay.

Six months, three years…everyone's time in Yuikaikan differs but one thing remains the same. It's a little spot of home, where the heart truly is.

This is a J-entertainment rp community. For more info, please click on the links below.

Application ~ Rooms ~ Claims and Holds~ Rules
15th-Feb-2014 10:24 pm(no subject)

I'd like to find some new rp partners, so this seemed to be the best way to go.

Some of my muses are:
Sora (Dezert)
Kazuki (Royz)
Zero (ex.D'espairsRay / Maifo)
Hisashi (Glay - I'd love you forever if you have a Glay muse and are willing to write on them for longer than a week)
Kuromitsu (Elektel-Shiki)
Sakito (Nightmare)
Considering a Nocturnal Bloodlust muse
(on a side note, I'm working on an actor, Miura Shohei, in case you're interested)
I'm open for suggestions if there's others you'd like for me to pick up.

I'm looking for anybody - band mates, tour mates, any other muse you think would get along with mine, I don't discriminate.
I'll write non-AU and almost anything from the AU department. Para is the preferred writing style, but action works, too (though my *action* usually ends up a mix of action and para). One post doesn't need to be half a novel, of course, but I like posts that are more than one or two lines and give me something to work with, cause I'll be doing the same.

If a European timezone is okay for you, we can just discuss everything else. I usually write via AIM, but email is entirely fine, too. I wouldn't mind taking other methods into consideration if something else works better for you.
If you're interested, please leave a comment or a PM first.
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